Direction to Monrose Row

Map It

Residential neighborhood with limited parking on-street. No loading zones or parking restrictions. Close to bus stops. DIRECTIONS FROM I-10 EAST: Take the Saint Bernard exit (236B) turn left and immediately get into your right lane, turn right onto Claiborne Avenue for 3 blocks, the first traffic light you come to is Esplanade Avenue, make a left onto Esplanade Avenue come down 3 blocks and make a right onto Marais Street, at the first and only stop sign make a left you are on Governor Nicholls Street. We are at the end of that block on the left side of the street. DIRECTIONS FROM I-10 WEST: Take the Esplanade Avenue exit (236A). At the bottom of the exit make a sharp right. You will be on Governor Nicholls Street. Come down 4 blocks, we are at the end of the block on the left side. Please pay attention after you take the I-10 exit, the "right" I want you to take is at the foot of the exit, coming out almost onto the exit its self.